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E-book “Accounting 101”

Bookkeeping is one of the most annoying, often overlooked, but still one of the most important things for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. This English language eBook gives you a first idea of what to expect. So, with this e-book, you can build a good knowledge base of accounting in general.

Everyone who has ever worked in an office has had to deal with accounting.
These are the people who pay and send the bills that support the business. But they do much more. In what other areas of business is accounting important? Well, farmers need to follow rigorous accounting procedures. Many of them run their farms year after year, taking out loans for crops. If it’s a good, profitable year, they’ll be able to pay off the loan. If not, they may have to hand over the loan and incur additional interest costs.
Sometimes referred to as “bean counters,” they also track profits, costs, and losses. Unless you run your own business and work as your own accountant, you may not know how profitable your business is without some form of accounting.
No matter what you do, even if you only shoot a checkbook, it’s still accounting. It’s even part of a child’s life. Accumulating allowance, spending everything at once – these are the principles of accounting.

Every company and every person should have an accounting system in their life. Otherwise, finances may separate from them, they will not know what they have spent and whether they can expect profit or loss from their business.
If you’re smart, keeping records is a daily necessity, whether for a billion-dollar company or a personal checking account. Failure to do so could mean receipt of a check or recognition of losses to the company’s shareholders. Both scenarios can be equally devastating.
Accounting is essential information that is regularly published in a store in the form of a profit and loss statement.

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