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Start Your Morning With A Smile

Sometimes we make dramatic plans to make our life happy, whether it’s a vacation, a graduation, or a wedding.
But we can count on the simple joys of life that will bring us constant joy. When we appreciate and enjoy simple things, our gratitude will spread to other areas. Here are some of the simple joys to enjoy often.

Freshly cut grass
Freshly cut grass is a pleasure in every sense. The smell and sensation under bare feet refresh and invigorate the senses. Try to experience this at least a couple of times a year, weather permitting.

Give and receive smiles
What could be more enjoyable than a simple free pleasure? Smile not only at your friends, but also at the random strangers you pass on the street. You will be amazed at how nice it is to first see another surprise and then your smile.

Endorphins are released after exercise
If you exercise intensely, you will receive an endorphin rush as a reward. These natural health chemicals will brighten your day. Exercise in the morning to take advantage of these endorphin levels so you can be especially productive for the rest of the day.

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