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“Computers & Technology” eBook


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“Computers & Technology” eBook

If it works, break it down
The easiest way to do this is to get a copy of the non-resaleable (NFR) product you want to sell, install, and maintain, and then work with the product in your lab. If you or one of your senior technicians or engineers has half an hour to an hour, you can do a basic installation. The laboratory equipment is then deliberately removed. Then reinstall the software until you are familiar with the package.
Most of these established small business products are highly sophisticated technologies. They are very wizard-driven and don’t require huge computer skills, at least for simple vanilla configurations.

Installation just got easier
Many years ago, it was much more difficult to install Novell Small Business Suite or its equivalent from IBM, or the original 1997 Microsoft Small Business Server. All of these companies, especially Microsoft, have invested heavily to make it easier for people without deep IT or networking skills to install their own set of server applications for small businesses.

To learn how to work with customers at Sweet Spot, your employees will:

First of all, a good working knowledge of computer hardware.
2. You can configure the peer-to-peer network setting.
3. Understand what TCP / IP is.
4. Know what POP3 and SMTP are.
5. Know how to use a simple SOHO router.

If your employees have the skills listed above, you are definitely well positioned to start with at least a small sweet spot for small businesses (10-20 computers).

Share knowledge with your employees
Make sure staff train you and each other. This way, no one will be “knowledgeable” to blackmail you, get huge promotions or big bonuses, or leave your customer base. You need to be sure that your company’s internal expertise or intellectual capital cannot just get up and go to your biggest competitor.

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